Advanced Yoga & Meditation 360 hour AYTT- Australia 2019

05:00 pm - 08/05/2019

@ Savvy Soul Yoga Teacher Training

918 Bridge St
Winston-Salem NC  27101

Welcome & Namaste

Savvy Soul Yoga, is offering an advanced 360 hour AYTT.
Advanced Training! This is going to be incredible, you'll learn to chant, meditate effectively, flow into veda vinyasa, as well as dive deep into the Vedas!

Meditation is the most rewarding and TRANSFORMATIVE practice. For many who study and practice the art of meditation it becomes a daily practice that nurtures them throughout their whole lives. Meditation offers benefits of mind shaped on the values of compassion, mindfulness and contentment. It cultivates sustainable inner peace.

Prerequisites: Devotion. Dedication. Discipline.

For acceptance into the Savvy Soul Yoga 300 RYT

Advanced Studies Program, you must have a sincere practice of mindfulness, yoga and inner awareness. You need to be teaching already as a 200 hour certified teacher, and send a copy of your certification along with the application; you also need to have expereince with teaching.

If you want to learn more about accredidations via Yoga Alliance, please refer to

Requirments: You must be a 200 hour dedicated yoga teacher already and have been teaching for at least 2-4 years. You need to commit to daily meditation practices and to purchasing a Harmonium or other musical instrument to use during the training. Savvy Soul Yoga Trainees will get a discount!


Our objective on this training is to encourage mindful awareness as you are becoming Yoga! You will deepen your understandings of how the techniques /practices can bring about inner transformation. We will embarce Naada Yoga, and play with SOUNDS called Mantras, surely a transformative and courageous journey. This process of change, and understanding is not always comfortable. We intend to provide a safe, nurturing, fun and compassionate atmosphere for you to work within.


Vinyasa Krama - Style of Yoga Asana

Basic Sanskrit

Gita Sadhana

Advanced Asana Technique

Assisting Asana Safely with Compassion

The Power of Sangha: Finding Your Beloved Tribe

Nutritional Health & Recipes

Practical Anatomy of Yoga

The Art of Pranayama

Meditation & Mindfulness practices

Living Ethically

Kirtan & Mantra Immersion

Naada Yoga

Ayurveda & Panchakarma Cleanse

Marketing & Developing your Niche

Mindful vs Mindless Eating

Postnatal Nutrition & Promoting Self Care

3 day Mantra & Silent Fusion

Savvy Soul’s - 8 Principles

Bonus**Ayurveda & Panchakarma cleanse

Teachers--Beloved TRIBE:

Sandy DelGado Sandy Delgado
Louise Paiti Louise Paiti - Anatomy
Maharishi Raval- Maharshi Raval
Naada Yoga & Mantra Immersion
Sam Bijok Samantha Bijok - Yoga Therapy

(Subhana Barzaghi)
*Zen Medition Practices, Retreat & psychotherapy!

Working on...
Dates: TBA!!!
Still building my Australian Tribe, if you know any Shamanic Practitioners please email me!

Thank You Australia & Teachers for your interest & Patience!
Aum Shanti

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