Winter Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

05:15 pm - 01/05/2018

@ Savvy Soul Yoga Teacher Training

918 Bridge St
Winston-Salem NC  27101

Come learn what Yoga & Mindfulness is really all about!

*Transformation, Dedication, Devotion, and Discipline.

Do something healthy for yourself. We are SO HAPPY to be in Alamance County! Thanks to Walkerdance Ballet Theatre, who will be hosting our NEW WINTER YTT training!

Come learn that Yoga is more then exercises, as it is sold in the West. Come also learn that this ancient practice is about BALANCE in life, from all your anxieites to your meloncholic Winters, to just day to day stresses.

Yoga is the mastery of stilling the activities of the mind-field. This stillness is where you can embrace the true nature of yourself: Peace. Yoga is a spiritual practice. Yoga is a science, a methodology of turning inwards. You’ll learn to be a teacher, but most importantly you will deepen your relationship with yourself.

We teach what we love, and what truly resonates with our deepest heart’s desire. Our intention for this variation in approach to asana is to give you the skills to build an authentic practice, to embody the benefits of yoga into your daily life, to develop a home yoga practice, to find your own voice, to cultivate more peace, to manifest your dreams, and to flow through your own evolutions of sharing the sacred art of yoga.


Develop the theory of asana (poses), pranayama (breath), and meditation (concentration)

Balance nervous system

Lower high blood pressure

Stress Reduction

Build confidence, self-acceptance, self-awareness

Gain clarity and peace of mind

Read Bhagavad Gita & discuss how it relates in modern living

Explore the Yoga sutras, Sanskrit, Nada (sound therapy), kirtan, mantric chanting

Master the ability to plan and design yoga classes to meet
individual needs

Learn to address the root cause of your suffering

Find ways to come back to flow

Make the unconscious conscious

Build determination, will, and discipline

What is your purpose?
What is your will and your heart’s desire?
How can YOU serve the world with your giftsDates:

Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (twice a month)
Januaray - May 2018

123 front street
Burlington, NC 27105

$2175 (Early Bird) November 19th

*Individual payment plans available!

More info:

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