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Intuitive Readings by Opie

Merry meet and welcome!

My name Is Joseph but every one calls and knows me by Opie I wish I had a cool story to tell you why but I don't. Actually a friend once asked if they could call me Opie and well it has stuck ever since
I'm an intuitive clairvoyant, I provide email readings to anyone in need of guidance. I read from various tarot and oracle decks,
I also use other divination I'm guided to. I also provide distant healing.
I am a psychic clairvoyant Empath healer,

I will always be honest, up front and tell the truth whether it's good or bad as I don't beat around the bush to make people feel better.
If by chance I cannot get a clear connection to your energy, I will let you know.

For some readings I require a recent clear photo of the person that is being read for.
If you receive a reading, I would love any feed back to let me know how it resonates with you.

All my readings are done for your current situations, for the path you are on now and if you choose to stay on this path.
I believe that we all have free will, therefore the readings I do are for guidance purposes only and the outcomes can change or be manipulated due to your own choices, nothing in life is ever set in stone.

I love and Enjoy what I do and I've always been drawn to helping people it's only since recently I have been guided to help people on a much wider scale.

I'm an open, honest person but I will not tolerate any abusive behavior, slander or bullying towards myself or members on my page, anyone caught doing so will be banned permanently without warning effective immediately.


• 3 Pendulum YES/NO/MAYBE Questions and 2 Guidance Card - $11

• 3 Runes Cast Reading - $12
Runes analyse the path that you're now on, and the most likely outcome.

• 1 Card Direct Answer - $15
This gives you a brief direct answer to your question.
~ Plus I'll also draw a card from a deck that I'm guided to.

• Animal Totem Guide Reading plus 2 Personal guidance Cards - $25
This gives an insight as to which animal, their attributes, and their guidance, may be needed at this time.
We always have animal guides with us, but at certain times in ones life different animal guides will come to offer us a little extra guidance and support.

• Direct Answers Package - $25
With this you get:
- 3 Yes/No/Maybe Questions
- 1 Card Direct Answer
- 2 Personal Guidance cards

• 1 Question Mini Reading - $30
This gives an answer to your question. It will also help identify the action you may need to take in order to improve your situation or to help attract the outcome you may desire.
~ Plus I'll also draw a card from a deck that I'm guided to.

• Mini Package - $40
- 1 Question Mini Reading
- 1 Card Direct Answer
- 2 Personal Guidance Cards

• Mini Reading - $45
This is gives a brief reading across a few areas of your life. A short version to the full reading.
For this reading I require your date of birth and any questions and/or areas of your life you would like me to focus on. (maximum 3 questions or areas)

• Photo Reading Plus 2 Guidance Cards - $55
With this I connect to your energy to read what's around you at the time or what could be expected in the future. Who knows what will show up ;)

• Regular Package - $65
- 1 Mini Reading
- 1 Animal Totem Guide
- 2 Personal Guidance Cards
- 3 Rune Cast Reading

• Full Reading - $85
This gives an in depth reading across many aspects of your life. Past, present, future, relationships, career, finances, family etc. plus I will also draw a guidance card. I will also include any other information that might be shown.

• Premium Reading Package - $180
With this you get:
- 1 Full Reading
- 1 Photo Reading
- 2 Animal Totem Guides
- 3 Personal Guidance Cards
- Birthday and Name Report
(This reading takes 3+ hrs to complete as this is a very in depth reading and it takes up a lot of energy)
Questions can be about any area of your life where you need guidance (no health or law related questions).
I will also include any other information that might be shown to me as well.
**I will need your name, date of birth and a clear photo of yourself (no glasses please)**

All payments are made through PayPal.
Completed readings are sent directly to your personal email address.

Please private message me or Email me at to make a booking or if you have any other queries.

Thank you in advance
Love and Light



I must state by law that these readings are for entertainment purposes only and no liability will be accepted from myself or Intuitive Readings by Opie. Intuitive Readings by Opie is in no way a medical professional, legal adviser, or professional councilor. I am only passing along information to you, what you choose to do with that information is not my responsibility and I am not accountable for this. Please accept all readings with an open heart and mind and only take on board those things that are relevant to yourself.
Before accepting any reading (paid or for free), you agree that you are over 18 years of age.
I take no responsibility or liability for the actions of others in relation to my readings. Before making any life changing decisions, any medical or legal issues, please always seek professional advice.
No refunds will be given at any time.

intuitive Mixed readings via email only. Please PM or email:
Other services include distant healing.

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